Paul H is an international artist located in the north west of England in the county of Cheshire. Best known for his stunning renditions of wildlife/ animals. 

His art hangs all over the world, and notable places such as LA, Chicago, London, Melbourne.

Paul was taught to paint at a early age by his farther who taught him to paint with oils and acrylics, he went on to attend Art College where he developed his skills through experimenting with a number of mediums and tools, such as textiles/ photography and sculpture, from this it helped him to develop his artwork and now focusing on acrylic painting he honed his skills and found his true calling. 

He first knew of his love for art when at a early age his farther who also enjoyed painting, introduced him to a Van Gough painting, the church at Auvers, he loved the colors, he then painted it him self.....he was only 8 and still has the painting over 30 years later. 

His works are often inspired by colors and textures he sees in his subject, the fur of an animal or colors in the sky, its the simple things like this that inspires him to paint. He started painting commissioned pet portraits, when... His patrons often ask him to complete portraits of wildlife/landscapes and even abstract, returning again and again. A very large 2mtr by 1mtr Flying golden eagle was his favorite painting/ request yet which was part of three paintings for a local business. 


In his free time Paul enjoys being with his family and friends especially his little niece. You can find him walking his dog or of course painting in his studio. 


Learn more about Paul at 

Facebook -PaulH_art

instagram - pinxit_art