Paul Hardern is an international artist who creates realistic paintings of nature and animals. He is passionate about raising awareness and appreciation for the environment and its inhabitants through his art.

Paul has been painting since he was a child, but he decided to pursue his artistic career five years ago. Since then, he has exhibited his work in various exhibitions and received positive feedback from critics and audiences alike.

Paul’s paintings are inspired by beauty and fragility of wildlife. He uses acrylic paints to capture the richness and complexity of natural scenes, from the textures of fur and feathers to the colors of sky and water. He also incorporates elements of symbolism and storytelling to convey his messages and emotions.

Paul’s art is not only beautiful but also meaningful. He hopes that his paintings can inspire people to care more about the environment and its challenges, such as climate change, deforestation and extinction. He believes that art can be a powerful tool for education and activism.

If you want to see more of Paul’s work, you can visit his website: www.paulhart.online. There you can find his portfolio, blog, contact details and more. You can also follow him on social media to get updates on his latest projects and events.

Paul Hardern is an artist who loves nature and wants to share it with the world. He invites you to join him on his artistic journey and discover the beauty and wonder of our planet. 

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